English language and the EU. What next?

Could the English language be dropped as the official language of the EU?

“If we don’t have the UK, we don’t have English,” according to Danuta Hübner, chairwoman of the European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee. (source: Daily Telegraph)

brexitIs this really likely? I can’t see everyone reaching for their French or German dictionaries just yet. The UK may be exiting the EU but Ireland and Malta are still flying the flag for English speakers even if they registered their official languages as Gaelic and Maltese respectively.

English is the global language of business and the main working tongue of European Union institutions. The use of English as an everyday language of business communication is increasing, not just in Europe but worldwide.

More and more business professionals in Europe are asking me to help them improve their English to get a job and do business more effectively with their international contacts.

If the EU drops English, it could be seen as an “isolationist” move, just like the Brexit move which triggered it. The UK maybe be exiting but I think the English language will be with the EU and its institutions for quite some time.

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