You don’t need big words to impress people.

In fact, the opposite is true when it comes to business communication.

Face to Face“I love you,” for example.

You can’t get much simpler than that. If used at the right time, in the right circumstances, these three little words can mean the world.

Of course you’re not going to say “I love you” to a customer, or maybe you are? It all depends on who you are talking to and how you want them to feel.

This is what makes some business communication work much better than others. The words you use must be the right ones for your target audience. It doesn’t matter if you want to communicate face to face, online or in print, the same rules apply.

It’s about selection. You need to choose words that work well together and suit the audience.

That’s where I come in. I help you say what you want in a way that engages the people that matter to you. Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker, an individual or a global business, I can help you use words more effectively.

Do I love you? I just might

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