English for global companies

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English for global companies

International companies need to be understood around the world. This means publishing clear, engaging content in English.

The problem is how do you ensure the English is accurate and compelling, especially if English is not your native language?

There are three key factors to consider:

1. The quality of the original text.

2. The quality of the translation

3. The quality of the proofreading.

proofreadingIf corporate communications are written badly in the first place, the translation will be even worse. They key is to focus on the reader, keep things simple, use short sentences and break up the copy into small, “bite-size” chunks of information.

Writing clearly isn’t enough. The translation needs to be accurate and reader-friendly. This is where most international corporate communications fall short. The problem is the translators may not be completely bi-lingual and they may not understand your messages, your business or even your industry.

To avoid costly errors, you need the translated content to be checked by a native English-speaker and communications expert. You need someone who takes time to understand what you want to say and to whom; someone who ensures brand consistency and tone of voice, and someone with experience of editing content for global businesses.

In short, you need English Cup of Tea!