Speaking English is more important than ever

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Speaking English is more important than ever

Speaking English is not just helpful in the UK, it may soon be compulsory.

The Government wants tougher English language requirements on people who live in the UK.  This includes husbands, wives and partners.

Prime Minister David Cameron has already announced a policy for Muslim women in the UK to be encouraged to learn English. The Government says there are 38,000 Muslim women living in the UK who do not speak English and 190,000 have limited skills in the language.

Of course, it shouldn’t be limited to Muslim women. Anybody who lives in the UK should be expected to speak at least a basic level of English. It’s logical.

survival englishLearning English will help you find a job, do your job more effectively, fill in documents and forms, register for health care, make new friends and contacts, and do all the day to day things in life that native speakers take for granted.

I lived in France for five years so I know the difficulties of surviving in a country with a different language. I had a reasonable knowledge of French before I moved and learnt more while I was there. I had to. If I hadn’t, it would have been very difficult to find work, integrate into French society and feel valued.

If you need to improve your English to live in the UK, or any other English speaking country, do it now. It’s not just a question of survival, it’s a question of integrating, being able to stay, and having a better life.

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