Why I’m voting to stay in the EU.

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Why I’m voting to stay in the EU.

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On Thursday June 23, the people of the UK will vote to leave or remain in the EU. I will be voting to stay.

I am a British European who believes that the EU and its member states are stronger if they work together.

brexitI teach English to non-native business people in Europe. I edit business communications for European businesses. I am a British native but I am also a former immigrant – I lived and worked in France for 5 years. I know the importance of free movement and doing business with other countries in the EU. 

Of course the EU has problems. It is far too bureaucratic, wastes millions of pounds every year and makes some potty decisions. However, I think its members should work together to reform it instead of complaining and then leaving.

Many people in the UK believe the biggest problem with the EU is the lack of controls on immigration but they forget that hundreds of thousands of UK citizens emigrate to other EU countries every year. Immigration is not a UK problem, or a European problem, it is a global issue that can only be tackled by countries working together.

I hope the majority of citizens in the UK vote to remain in the EU and we start the business of reform from within.

For more information, visit the BBC’s online guide on the referendum.