Sleeping for learning

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Sleeping for learning

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What’s the best way to learn English? Sleeping! 

Tired learners are bad learners. If you sleep well, you will be more alert. This will increase your capacity to learn. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get a good night’s sleep every night especially if you have a stressful job, young children, or both! 

bedSo what’s the solution? Apart from going to bed earlier (something I need to do!), it’s important to try to have English training when you are least tired. This depends on your body clock. Many adult professionals have English training after work but this is the time when they are most tired. Their minds are full of information, they are hungry and they can’t concentrate.


If learning English is really important, make it a high priority in your schedule. Many learners find it more effective to learn in the morning, either before going to work or at work (in a training room). Some learners prefer the afternoon because they don’t function well in the morning.

Food is also important. Don’t eat food that makes you feel tired. Don’t drink alcohol but don’t forget to celebrate your progress in English with a good pint of British beer!